Max Canopy

The Kwik-N-Ezy Canopy should not be confused with cheaper instant shade / shelter systems available from Hardware Stores or Auction Websites.  They may LOOK SIMILAR but when you LOOK CLOSER you will see the real quality of a Kwik-N-Ezy Canopy.

The Kwik-N-Ezy Max Canopy has a powder-coated, rust resistant steel frame with patented turn button adjusters for easy set-up and take down. The top is made from High Quality 500 denier Polyester, it is Waterproof, UV Treated and Fire-Resistant.  The frame is available in white or black.  Tops and walls are available in a variety of colours.

Designed to fit in a standard car, they are extremely portable, and are also easy to erect. The frame and the top are one unit and with its simple concertina design, the Kwik-N-Ezy Max Canopy can be erected in just 60 seconds!

***  Each Max Canopy Sold comes with a Dust Cover, Steel Stakes and Guy Ropes ***
- Setup Instructions and Maintenance Tips are also included in your purchase. 


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Ideal for - Sports / Social Clubs, Markets, Private parties/Special events, Weddings, Promotional Marketing, Bands, Festivals, Camping, Garden Parties, Charity/Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Christening, Bereavements, Film and TV.


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Kwik-N-Ezy Canopy, employ the latest and strongest light-weight materials for the ultimate in strength, durability and portability. 
It is a great marketing tool, with a range of accessories and customisation options- Sidewalls, Half Walls, Mosquito nets, Leg Weights, Lighting, Wheel Carry bags, Canopy Heaters.

MAX Canopy Features

  • Quality powder coated steel frame (coated to prevent rust)
  • Frame available in white, black, yellow or red
  • Exclusive "gentle touch" patented TURN BUTTON sliders for ease of set-up
  • Adjustable telescopic legs with patented TURN BUTTON adjusters
  • Improved truss cap design helps prevent bars from bending
  • Reinforced plastic fittings add strength and stability to the unit
  • Stronger outer legs for more durability
  • Fire resistant, UV protected and waterproof top
  • Simple to use, concertina system 
  • Compact packing for easy storage and transportation
  • Sidewalls are easily attachable with Velcro straps and zippers
  • Corporate Branding Available
  • All parts replaceable


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Please Note: Kwik-N-Ezy Canopies / Marquees are NOT landfill products! - All Parts are Replaceable