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K-N-E Canopy / Marquee Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions

Kwik-N-Ezy Canopy / Marquee's are just as our name suggests, QUICK AND EASY to setup and take down.

The easy to use concertina system of our pop up Canopies / Marquee's has gone unchanged for many years, and will remain the same "Kwik-N-Ezy" product for many more to come.

We offer three different models, our Max Canopy / Pro Canopy/Hex - Marquee and our Awning, with each opening the same way -. Below are the setup instructions.

Max / Pro Canopy/Hex Marquee and Awning Set-up Instructions below


1. Place the frame on the ground. Two people hold the Frame (Legs) and spread out to half its size.

2. Throw the Canopy top over the frame. Attach the top to the frame by matching the velcro tape on the four corners of the top to the velcro tape on the legs.

3. Two people hold the X-truss bars on opposite sides, expand by walking back until all four corners of the frame touch the eaves of the top.


4. Step on the leg pad and lift the outer leg until the turn button/pull pin locks. Repeat the same process with other legs.

5. Fold the eaves of the top-up. Step on the pad and push the X-truss upward until the turn button on the Corner leg locks. Repeat the same process with other corners.

6. Unfold the eaves, raise the frame to the desired height by extending the telescopic legs. Always use guy ropes and pegs provided to secure Canopy at all times.

NB  When collapsing canopy ensure all corner/middle turn buttons or pull pins is released. The roof remains on after the initial set-up.