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Event Styling

Kwik-N-Ezy are here to help you with styling your Event / Occasion 

Here are Kwik-N-Ezy's TOP 5 tips that may help with your private event/function

1. Lighting -  Festoon / Party Light Hire

The Power of lighting cannot be underestimated - it creates ambiance and sets the mood. Candlelight is always good, along with outdoor festoon lighting. 

2. Canopy / Marquee - Portable Canopy / Marquee Hire / Portable Awning (Sloped Roof) Canopy Hire

The cover is a must for outdoor gatherings. Rain or Shine, i.e., shelter from rain and shade for the sun!. A canopy or marquees can extend an indoor setting into the outdoors, providing a more extensive and cosier atmosphere. As our motto goes -

'Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.'

3. Invite list

As well as inviting your usual crew of friends, consider inviting some new faces to your event; mixing it up is always refreshing, and making new friends and acquaintances can be exciting.

And don't forget to invite the nieghbours!

4. Heating - Heater / Brazier Hire

There is nothing worse than cold guests. Hospitality is key when inviting to your event. Consider preheating the space or having heaters on standby

5. Zones

Depending on how many people attend, it is worth considering different zones, from a dance floor to a comfortable spot with good seating. The latter is good for conversation, especially when mixed with mood lighting.

 'Entertaining at home is easy with Kwik-N-Ezy'