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    CAPACITY - (People)
Size Area (m2) Seated in Rows Seated on 1.8m Trestles No. of 1.8m Trestles Needed
3m x 3m 9 36 16 max 2
3m x 4.5m 13.5 60 30 max 5
3m x 6m 18 72 40 max 6
4m x 4m 16 64 16 max 2
4m x 6m 18 96 40 max 6
4m x 8m 32 128 52 max 8
5m x 5m 25 100 40 max 6
6m x 6m 36 144 60 max 10
 10m x 12m (Event Tent) 120 153 102 max 17

Seating layouts may be found on our hire/rental page.

  • What is the difference between the Max Canopy / Protex Canopy and the Hexagonal Marquee?

    Max Canopy: Has a powder-coated steel frame and a 500 denier, waterproof, polyester top. As the frame is steel, it is weightier than most products out there, and is our choice of canopy for hire. The weight of the canopy frame is sturdier in withstanding the ever changing weather conditions, and is more suited for use at schools, market stalls and promotional stands.

    Protex Canopy and Hexagon Marquee: Has a heavy duty, industrial strenth aluminium frame and a 300 gram, waterproof, polyster with PVC backing top. Although the frame is aluminium, it is far from light weight. This canopy frame is the gruntiest of the three, and when packed down can be quite bulky and heavy. The use of this type of canopy is almost endless, but is more suited for MotoX, Powerboat Events and any where that a grunty Canopy or Marquee is needed.

  • What Canopy / Hexagon Marquee sizes are available?

    Max Canopy:                      
    1.5 x 1.5 m
    1.5 x 2.25 m
    1.5 x 3 m
    2.5 x 2.5 m
    3 x 3 m
    3 x 4.5 m
    3 x 6 m

    Protex Canopy Sizes:
    2.5 x 2.5m
    3 x 3m
    3 x 4.5m
    3 x 6m
    4m x 4m
    4m x 6m
    4m x 8m

    Hexagon Marquee
    2 x 2 x 2 m
    2.5 m x 2.5 m x 2.5 m
    3 x 3 x 3 m

  • Will a Canopy / Haxagonal Marquee fit into a car?

    YES. Canopies right up to a 6m x 3m size can fold down and fit into a standard sized car. When the canopies are folded down the size is 157cm x 45cm x 35cm.

    If your back seats fold down, the canopy can go through the boot into the back seat. Or if you do not have folding back seats, recline the front passengers seat and put the canopy through the back door into the passengers seat.

    The larger canopies of 4mx4m, 4mx are slightly different at 2 metres in height when folded down, but can still fit in a standard sized car provided there are no passengers.
    The canopy will need to be put through the passengers door behind the drivers seat, and put through at an angle to end up on the front passengers seat, the Kwik-N-Ezy Canopy Staff will of course be there to assist.

  • What Colours are available?

    Max Canopy
    Top 500 denier - white, blue, forest green, red, yellow, orange, purple, grey and black
    Wall 500 denier - white, blue, forest green, red, yellow, orange, purple, grey and black

    Protex Canopy / Hexagon Marquee / Awning Canopy
    Top 300g Polyester with PVC backing - white, blue, forest green, yellow, red, grey, brown and black
    Wall 300g Polyester with PVC Backing - white, blue, forest green, yellow, red, grey, brown and black

  • What is the material of the Canopy Max / Pro Canopy / Hexagonal Marquee?

    Max Canopy
    Powder coated steel frames and polyester top 500 denier - fire resistant, waterproof and UV treated

    Protex Canopy / Awning Canopy / Hexagon Marquee
    Heavy duty aluminium frame and 300g polyester PVC backed top - waterproof

    Side walls
    Polyester 500 denier - fire resistant, waterproof and UV treated

    Max Canopy fittings are made of reinforced plastic (nylon66 + fiberglass)
    Protex Canopy fittings are made from a cast alloy with nylon truss cap sets.

  • Can we purchase the Top's and Frames separately?

    YES, tops and frames can be purchased separately

  • Can you print our Logo or Graphis on Top's and Walls?

    YES. We can print your logo, graphic and/or photo on both tops or walls ie, screen printing/heat transfer/digital printing. Lead time for printing is approximately 4-6 weeks.

  • What is the difference between your "Unique turn Buttons" and other brands?

    Turn buttons are safer and more convenient to operate than push buttons of other brands.
    To engage or adjust the height, all you do is twist the turn button - no sore fingers!

  • How much does it cost for Branding proof / Quote?

    Nothing. Simply send us your logos along with instructions on placement and we shall prepare you a no obligation design and quote.

  • Where can you deliver to?

    We can freight anywhere within New Zealand or overseas.

  • How long will it take me to assemble my Canopy?

    No assembly required. It is a folding structure. To erect the frame and roof will take you about 60 seconds.

  • How do I anchor my Canopy down?

    A peg & guy rope kit is included FOC, Customised leg weights are available as an accessory.

  • How do the side panels attach to the Canopy?

    With Velcro tabs for the Max Canopy and a Velcro strip for the Protex Canopy and Hexagon Marquee. Every wall has a zip that attaches to each other for a neat finish.

  • Is there a minimum order Quantity?

    Yes, One !!

  • Do I get a Guarantee?

    The product is covered for 1 year for faulty parts and workmanship.

  • I have an accident, do you offer a repair/s service?

    Yes, please read about our Canopy repair servicein Canopy Maintenance

  • Are spare parts Available?

    Yes, being a manufacturer means almost all parts are available for immediate collection, same day courier or overnight delivery. Please call for details. Click here for Replacement Parts.