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Kwik N Ezy Canopy

30kg Custom Leg Weight Hire


Weekend Hire (Fri - Mon ) excluding GST

*50% Discount on Leg weight Hire with a Kwik-N-Ezy Canopy/Marquee Hire

Kwik-N-Ezy Leg weights - A necessary accessory/add-on to your Kwik-N-Ezy Canopy or Marquee, especially when you need to set your canopy or marquee up on a hard surface.

Designed to fit around the legs of your Canopy or Marquee and are stackable for added weight/easy storage and transportation. Made from cast iron and have a handle to be easily carried, the handle also acts as a tie-down point for your guy rope to attach.

Available Weights: 20kg, 30kgs.  

30kg weights are ideal for your 3x3m, 4.5x3m, 6x3, 4x4, 6x4m, 8x4m 

*50% Discount on Leg weight Hire with a Kwik-N-Ezy Canopy/Marquee Hire